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Communication and Solidarity in the era of Globalization (Korea,Chonnam National University)

samedi 12 mai 2012, par Albertine

"In quest of Intercultural Philosophy", "En quête d’une philosophie interculturelle", est un ouvrage collectif publié en anglais et en coréen. Il s’agit du colloque tenu du 27-29 novembre 2006 à Gwangju (Korea), Chonnam National University avec la participation du CEAF&RI.

Communication and Solidarity in the era of Globalization. In quest of Intercultural Philosophy, Départment of Philosophy, Gwangju (Korea), Ed. Chonnam National University, 2006 (Anglais et coréen)


Director welcome Address

President’s Welcome Message

Introduction to intercultural philosophy. Its concept and history by Dr Choe Hyondock

Intercultural Philosophy from Latin-American Point of view by prof. Dr. Raül Fornet-Betancourt

Intercultural philosophy : An African view by Prof.Dr. Albertine Tshibilondi Ngoyi

Tree major Epochs of European Philosophy by Prof. Dr. Claudia Backmann

On Japanese Nationalism by Prof. dr. Suh Kyungsik

Feminism, Education ; and Intercultural Philosophy by Prof ; Dr. Dian de Vallescor Palanea

Feminist Inercultural Theology : Understanding and purpose by Prof. dr. Maria Pilar Aquino

From self-losing in others to the pregnancy of mind by Prof. Dr. Kim Sang-Bong

Workshop (Graduate students in philosophy)

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